"David was born and raised in Cork, Ireland. Lana grew up in Shanghai, China. They met each other in California, USA, and married on 8.8.2015. The couple established an appreciation of how they differed from one another. An understanding of the differences between being man and woman, European and Asian, engineer and designer helped David and Lana to build a solid foundation for relationship."
Illustration works and GIFs:
David & Lana have different eye color.​​​​​​​
David & Lana regard the donut in different ways.
David & Lana see a target in different ways.
Diamond has different meanings to David & Lana.
David & Lana play pingpong differently.​​​​​​​
David & Lana like to eat tomato in different ways.
David & Lana do different things at 3pm (15:00)
Transferring images from paper to wood panels was a new experience. The project included exploration of modern laser-cutting. Accurate measurement and precise planning ensured that the laser-trimmed wood panels would interlock with one another. The wood panels were used to construct a little house providing an interactive fun piece of artwork for the viewer. 

early progress in sketches

characters in illustration

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